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Jul 10 2012

SEASON OPENING STATUS as of April 25, 2019

Gate: Locked     Water: Off     Grounds: Soggy     Forcast: Rain through the weekend. Gate will not be unlocked.    Official Opening Date: Friday May 3rd.   



We have a wide variety of sites types. Availability of certain types may vary. Site types may inlude full sun, full shade, both sun and shade. Some have concrete patios (no extra charge). Majority have 50 amp service. Some have better satelite reception than others. Most sites are fully grassed. All sites are full hook ups. Average site size is 50'wide by 65' deep. We have sites closer to the pool and sites not far from the playground. We also have some streamside. There are also a couple areas with multiple openings near to one another if you and a friend(s) would like to come and be near one another. Stop by and let us show you our beautiful park and all the great things we have to offer! 


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY (5/6/2015) If you will be bringing in firewood from other locations or purchasing firewood that will be transported here, those persons (or businesses) that bring firewood into our campsite will need to possess a "Certificate of Orgin for Transport and Possession of Untreated Firewood". The purpose of this is to prevent the spread of the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer. These invasive species will devastate our campsite's beautiful trees. If purchasing firewood from other suppliers other than Twin Ells, please remind them that they will need to provide that document upon their arrival at the campsite. Everyone's cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Our systems are intended to assist in communications for travelers- emails the occassional facebook game, etc.  Streaming- Movies, Netflix, Hulu, live news, and the like is not permitted becuse their use limits band width to others and is counter productive to wifi availability throughout the campsite. Streaming shows slows down everything and if too many do it, it will crash our system leaving nothing for anyone.  We ask that you refrain from streaming from Friday 6:00pm - Sunday 6:00pm. Please be considerate. Our wifi cannot sustain "at home" service levels to hundreds of conections at the same time. You always need to remember the the campsite's wifi is SHARED. Please, download your movies at home before coming to camp. Get outside, enjoy what camping is all about. have a campfire, take a walk, socialize! You'd be surprised what you are missing!

Copyright infringement is illegal and strictly forbidden. Please do not copy or share movies or copyrighted material you have obtained while using our network.


The 2019 Activity list is complete and has been posted on the fcebook page by individual event. Full list is avilable under Events on this website. If you wish to reserve the rec hall for a private event, please speak to Jackie for availability and guidelines. See below.

I am always open to suggestions on how to improve an event or ideas for new events. You can contact Jackie Wnuk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through our Twin Ells Campsites facebook page.  I usually leave a couple weekends open.


According to our Bank, "Effective 2/1/2014, processing fees for Canadian/non-U.S. checks will be:

Incoming Collection ($25 ea.), Outgoing Collection ($75 ea), Checks deposited ($5 ea), Deposit Item Returned ($35 ea). We (Bank) will not process foreign checks (except Canadian) with a value of less than $500.00."

At the present time, we will be charging $5 per check on any check written on a Canadian Bank. It no longer matters if the check is drawn on a U.S. Dollar account or not.


The use of Twin Ells Campsites name, address or phone number are NEVER to be used in the advertising of your trailer or other goods here at camp. This includes but is not limited to newsprint ads or online venues such as Craig's list, Ebay, etc. Please use your own contact information. Please advise interested parties that they must consult with management or office personnel before entering the campsite or any Twin Ells' properties. It is also wise to inform the office of your intentions. There are 240 campsites here. Unfortunately we do not know the year, make & model of every trailer. People who show up without a name or site number cannot be directed properly. See Trailer "FOR SALE" below for additional information


If you are considering selling, it would be to your benefit to consult with the office. We are the front line to people looking for trailers and sites. You can find out what your trailer's value is at www.nadaguides.com. Make your asking price reasonalbe and negotiable. We offer a "showing" service so you do not have to make a special trip to camp. One flat fee for unlimited showings. We unlock the door, show the inside, explain what is included, let them know your asking price, and make sure trailer is locked when we leave. You the seller does all the money negotiating. If your trailer is put in storage in the front, we must be able to show it, or it cannot go there. Only trailers with permanent add-a-rooms or permanent roofs are allowed to stay on sites when sold. Please inquire with the office as to whether your trailer can stay onsite if sold. We have a in-house transfer list. Once the trailer is sold, the site is considered available to those who have requested it. If no one has requested the site, and the purchasers wish to leave it on site, it can stay.

Sellers: Do you have a Certificate of Title in YOUR name? You will need to have it when selling. A Bill of Sale is NOT a Certificate of Title. If you have purchased, you will want to transfer it to your name at the Department of Motor Vehicle as soon as possible. Technically, who ever holds a Certificate ofTitle in their name owns the trailer.

PURCHASERS: If you are considering purchasing a trailer in the campsite, it is also a good idea to consult with the office before hand. Buyer Beware.  There are a variety of trailers for sale in the park at a variety of price ranges, set ups, and permanent additions. There are park models and tow behinds, newer and old models. Let us show you around the park, and what trailers that are for sale have to offer. 


We appreciate your business and choosing Twin Ells as your "relaxation destination". However, you also need to be mindful of your fellow camping community neighbors. Quiet Hours on Friday and Saturday Nights are 11:00pm Music Off. 12:00am all quiet. You may sit around your fires and socialize as late as you would like, but please do so quietly. If the gathering (party) takes place at YOUR campsite, it is YOUR responsibility to maintain order, be mindful of the time and respect your fellow neighbors. Dealing with a drunk is not a pleasant experience. Management would rather YOU be the responsible one and keep YOUR parties under control. If management receives a complaint and has to respond after 11pm for loud music or for other breach of Quiet Hours after midnight, the outcome may not be you your liking.


The rec hall is available for private parties on dates and times which there are no previous scheduled campsite events or prior reservations.  Only registered campers/MH Tenants are permitted to reserve the hall. There is a $50.00 hall fee for non-seasonal campers. $25 for seasonal campers. A guest list for all "non registered" campers must be provided to the office 24 hours prior to the event. Visitor fee is seperate from Hall Rental fee.
Please give a floor plan of tables & chairs to the office 1 week prior to your event. Please consult with Jackie for additional parking, protocols & procedures.


It is a priveledge to operate a golf cart on Twin Ells' property. Carts should be driven responsibly. Carts should not be driven by unlicensed drivers except with accompanied by a licensed driver. Reckless, unsafe operation will result in the revocation of cart proveledges. Rules apply equally to Registered campers and Guest drivers. Effective for the 2012 season and beyond, all golf carts driven on Twin Ells property must be properly insured and proof of insurance provided to the office by way of a "Certificate of Insurance" from your insurance company. Please provide proof of insurance to the office no later than May 15th annually. Proof of liability and effective dates of the policy should be stated. Cart Owners are responsible for bringing their proof of liability insurance certificates into the office, do not rely on insurance companies to do so for you. We do not accept faxes. Once you have provided the office with your insurance information, you will be given your 2 identification decals. New 2019, you will receive 2 numbers (5"x7" ovals), one to go oe each side of your cart for easy identification.  You may not possess or operate a golf cart without insurance or a sticker.  Golf Carts must also follow the "Walking Speed" speed limit of the Campsite.  Effective in 2019, Speeding tickets will be issued the same as if you are in your car. New 2019, when a fellow camper sees a violation occur, the number will be turned into the office. When that number receives three complaints, its owner will be told to remove the cart from Twin Ells property. Cart owners will be held financially responsible for the ill actions of THEIR cart-be cautious of who you allow to drive it. Keys should not be left in the cart when cart is not in operattion. Many of the problems in the ast have occured from the use by visitors/friends, teenage children. Don't lose your cart privileges due to the careless and irresponsible behavior of others.

Golf Cart Rules of Operation:

1. No 2 cycle, noisy, stinky carts. Your cart cannot be louder than any of management's carts. Management reserves the right to decide if a cart is too loud.

2. All carts must observe the Campsite Speed Limit: WALKING SPEED. Speeding tickets will be issuedto spedding golf carts as we do cars & tucks.

3. Please realize a child does not understand the concept of reaction time, distance judgement, or control with speed. How would you feel id the child you allowed to drive your cart was injured or caused injury to another? That considered, we do not condone the operation of golf carts by children.

4. Please drie responsibly when drinking. Too druk to walk means you are too drunk to drive a gold cart. Cart Owners will be held responsible for all damages caused by their carts. Having a party - take the keys out of your cart and put them away to remove the temptation.

5. Violations: Speeding, Noise, Reckless driving, property damage, (yur own, ours, or others).

6. THREE violations and/or complaints means no more golf cart. Any camper may report a violation.

7. If you see a violation, REPORT IT,  as soon as possible. If occurance is after office hours, please contact Jackie via Messanger or call the office the following morning.

8. Decals must always be visable and clearly displayed on 2 sides of your cart. Numbers will not correspond with your site number.


When in season, Paul and Renee's Organic Garden Veggies will be picked fresh Friday, Saturday, Sunday                                                                                                                  mornings or on special request.  You can select your veggies in the camp store or watch for Renee's veggie cart going around the campsite. Upon request, rhubarb is available in the springtime, concord grapes and apples in the fall.