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Jul 09 2012

From the Albany region

Take the I-87 N exit towards Glens Falls. 0.52 miles - Merge onto I-87 N. 146.19 miles - Take the N Y 3 exit- exit number 37- towards Plattsburgh. 0.86 miles - Turn LEFT onto NY-3. 0.98 miles - Turn RIGHT onto NY-190. 7.61 miles - Turn RIGHT onto LaPlante RD. 0.99 miles

From Burlington, VT:

by land: Start out going East on MAIN ST by turning left. 0.32 miles - Turn LEFT onto US-2. 3.19 miles - Turn LEFT to take the I-89 N ramp. 0.30 miles - Merge onto I-89 N. 31.49 miles - Take the VT-78 exit- exit number 21- towards US-7/SWANTON. 0.14 miles - Turn LEFT onto VT-78. 11.09 miles - Turn RIGHT onto US-2. 7.12 miles - Turn LEFT onto US-11. 12.44 miles - Stay straight to go onto NY-22. 10.65 miles - Turn RIGHT onto LaPlante RD. 1.15 miles.

by Ferry crossing: I89 North exit 17-9.2 miles, ramp right for US-2 towards Milton/Lake Champlain Islands, Turn right onto Theodore Roosevelt Hwy 10.4 miles, Turn left onto VT 314/Ferry Rd (mobile on the corner) 2.2 miles, Bear left onto Gordon't Landing .2 miles, Take Grand Isle Ferry to NY 1.8 miles, exit ferry take right onto Rte 314/Commodore Thomas Macdonough Hwy 4.4miles, Keep straight onto Moffitt Rd to end 3.4 miles, Turn left onto Rte. 456 (County Route 58) Spellman Rd. to end (at firestation) 2.2 miles, Turn left onto Rte 22 .3 miles, Turn right at flashing light onto O'Neil Rd 2.4 miles, and left onto LaPlante Rd 1.3 miles. Campsite will be on your left. If you go past simply, turn right into Julieanne Circle, and left again onto Laplante.

From Watertown, NY:

Start out going South on COURT ST/NY-3 S towards ARSENAL ST 0.37 miles - Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto COURT ST BRIDGE/US-11. 0.13 miles - COURT ST BRIDGE/US-11 becomes LERAY ST/US-11. 0.86 miles - LERAY ST/US-11 becomes US-11. 33.90 miles - US-11 becomes CR-78. 0.15 miles - CR-78 becomes NY-812. 11.30 miles - Stay straight to go onto US-11. 87.60 miles - Turn RIGHT onto NY-190. 15.85 miles - Turn LEFT onto LaPlante RD. 0.99 miles. >

From Montreal, Canada:

Start out going Northeast on DOCTEUR PENFIELD by turning right. 0.36 km - Turn RIGHT onto STANLEY. 0.30 km - Turn LEFT onto SHERBROOKE O. 0.09 km - Turn RIGHT onto PEEL. 1.08 km - Turn LEFT onto ST JACQUES. 0.37 km - Take UNIVERSITY. 0.35 km - UNIVERSITY becomes AUTOROUTE 10 E. 3.93 km - Take the PONT CHAMPLAIN/AUT-20/AUT-15 exit on the left. 0.59 km - Merge onto AUTOROUTE 15 S. 3.96 km - Take the exit- exit number 53- towards LA PRAIRIE/I-87/AUT-15 S/AUT-20 E. 0.31 km - Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.64 km - Merge onto MARIE VICTORIN. 0.37 km - Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the ramp towards AUT-15 S/RTE-132 O/LA PRAIRIE. 0.08 km - Merge onto AUTOROUTE 15 S. 53.19 km - AUTOROUTE 15 S becomes I-87 S. 2.76 km - Take exit 40 off I87, right off exit onto Rte.456 (Spellman Road) - Left onto Rte. 22 - Right onto O'Neil Road - Left onto LaPlante.

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